Social & Community Participation
Customised Assistance with NDIS Social & Community Participation in Victoria
We are a social species that loves to socialise and mix with like-minded individuals. We love leading a social life, exchanging views and thoughts, and developing our mind and spirit in the process. But what if you have certain impairments that stop you from going out? Does that mean you will have to live a solitary life, cut off from the rest of the world? Certainly not. In fact, your impairments will hardly make any difference whatsoever, more so if you are in Victoria, for you have Noble Care Services around. We are one of the most acclaimed NDIS support service providers, offering highly customised assistance with NDIS social & community participation in Victoria.
What difference will our support workers make?
We have at our disposal a team of highly qualified support workers in Victoria who would take into account the needs and preferences of your life, your intellect, and your socioeconomic background.
This will help our support workers to chalk out a support service that will meet your bespoke support needs and help you to mix with your respective community, exchange thoughts with like-minded people, and get involved in various social and interactive activities. This will help in your physical and intellectual development, overcoming your impairments, and leading a jovial, social life of your choice.
Our support workers will never serve you with mere professionalism. They will interact with you and your family, including your immediate carer, to get to know you as a ‘person’. That’s because we never consider you a mere ‘participant’, but as an extended family member. It is this focused approach that will help you come up with a service that perfectly meets your aspirations.
What does our assistance with social & community participation in Victoria involve?
Our NDIS assistance with social & community participation in Victoria would include, but not be limited to:
  • Participation in community gatherings, festivals, cultural events, etc.
  • Attending personal development courses
  • Joining a social group
  • Attending art or other extracurricular activities
  • Going on an outing or a holiday
  • Going on a holiday camp or summer camp
  • Visiting the local library
  • Going to a movie or a musical concert, a sporting event, or other cultural events
  • Joining a sports club
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