Tailored NDIS Hydrotherapy Services in Truganina

As the name suggests, Hydrotherapy can be defined as a form of therapy that the specialists take the NDIS participants through in a pool of water, to treat a wide range of conditions. The very objective of hydrotherapy is to enjoy exercise, give relief from pain and improve physical health (metabolism, mobility, heart rate etc).Noble Care Services is home to highly skilled and competent physiotherapists or exercise physiologists in Truganina. They will take into account the bespoke needs of the participants depending on the nature and gravity of their impairments. Accordingly, they will guide the participants through various forms of hydrotherapy in Truganina.


How does Our Hydrotherapy work on the Participants?

Our highly skilled hydrotherapists in Truganina will utilise the natural support of water to treat the participants. This approach involves controlled movements that influence the health of the joints and muscles, thus ensuring adequate healing of the weakened spots and areas of the body. Unlike dry exercises that deal with the vulnerable spots, hydrotherapy is all about using water to counteract gravity, thereby lowering the risk of injury. Naturally, our hydrotherapy helps in faster recovery as well as instant relief from inflammation and pain.

What does our Hydrotherapy include?

The speciality of hydrotherapy is that the body weight of the recipient can be submerged up to 90%, thus ensuring better movement during the exercise, than what is possible in other forms of exercise. Our hydrotherapy in Truganina would include:
  • Walking in the water including reactive side-stepping
  • Thoracic rotation exercises
  • Use of kickboards for thoracic extension
  • Single leg balance work
  • Practising swimming techniques
  • Tricep extensions with the use of elastic band between the hand and the ankle

Why should you choose Hydrotherapy?

We are experienced and would hence, help you go through the finest hydrotherapy session, which will:
  • Carry hardly any injury risk
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Increase metabolism and lower swelling
  • Help you to relax
Besides, the water viscosity will offer you a constant resistance, which will help you to build strength
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