Assistance with Daily Life

Assistance with Daily Life by Qualified Support Workers in Truganina, Victoria

We generally do not need any external assistance from any quarter to learn about our daily activities. As we grow, they become part and parcel of our lives in such a way that they are not even worth mentioning. But for individuals living with impairments, assistance with daily life activities means a lot. The reason is that the impairments prevent them from performing daily life activities. This is where we at Noble Care Services make a difference in the lives of the participants living with impairments in Victoria, as a reputable NDIS support service provider.Our NDIS support workers in Truganina will use all their experience, qualifications, expertise, and dedication to provide customised support services that will help the differently-abled individuals lead the life of their choice with self-esteem and dignity.


What makes our Support Workers Superior to others?

As one of the most qualified and experienced NDIS support service providers, we understand that two individuals can never have the same need for support because they do not have the same disability. Thus, we will never offer any generalised service when hired. We will consider the unique needs of the participants and the goals of their lives. This helps our support workers in Truganina come up with precisely the service that the participants will need to lead the life of their choice.

What does our assistance with daily life in Victoria include?

The assistance with daily life in Victoria that our NDIS support workers in Truganina offers includes:
  • Bathing, showering, and maintaining personal hygiene
  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Daily household activities that include washing, changing the beds, cleaning, etc
  • Performing important house and yard chores
  • Dressing and combing
  • Medication assistance
  • Toilet and menstrual assistance
  • Cleaning and gardening
  • Washing and ironing clothes
  • Meal cooking and eating
  • Shopping
  • Visits to doctors and personal appointments
  • Supported independent living, or SIL
  • Short-term support for carrying out self-care, preparation of food, and activities at home, in a centre, or in a community home with as much independence as possible
With all these services, we are the one-stop solution as an NDIS service provider.

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